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This game was created for Extra Credits Jam #4. The theme was "connect." Using elements of turn-based strategy games, Connection Rejection forces players to make decisions to "connect" or "reject" the deals of fellow survivors of the apocalypse. Will you perish like so many before you, or will you live to conquer the new world?  Find out in Connection Rejection!


W A S D - camera movement

E - interact with NPCs

Left Click - to walk to a chosen node

Right Arrow - to go to the next day


Goal: You must accumulate 12 or more connections in the 5 days while not letting any of your resources drop below 0.


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Connection Rejection.zip 35 MB


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I really like it so far, but there seems to be a glitch with the chats right now in regards to boxes not going away after you click on the next area (that and the miner's chat keeps popping up and keeps you from accessing the others).

I like the layout and game design though and the way that its very reminiscent of old school board games! <3

Thanks a ton for your feedback I really appreciate it! To get rid of the boxes, you have to be in the area you popped them up in and click "e" to close their dialogue once they reach their last line. Sorry for the lack of usability. Over the next few weeks our team will patch bugs such as these that inhibit play.